Bapel Jamkesos DI Yogyakarta

Awalnya kami tidak mengenal UCP RUK, namun pekerjaan membawa kami mengenalkan diri apa dan siapa UCP RUK. Pola kerja yang professional dengan pembiayaan yang terjangkau membuat pelayanan alat bantu khususnya kursi roda adaptif bagi penyandang disabiitas menjadi sangat terbantu. Pemerintah DIY khususnya melalui Bapel Jamkessos DIY tentunya mengucapkan terimakasih dan berharap UCP RUK tetep berkolaborasi dengan kami untuk terus maju melaju mengikuti perkembangan dan tuntutan kebutuhan.

Bapel Jamkesos


Oscar Platt; An Intern from Princeton – Dragons Bridge Year Program

My name is Oscar Platt, I am a first year student at Princeton University and I had the privilege to volunteer at UCPRUK for 8 months in 2018-2019. At UCPRUK, I assisted with financial work, videography and documentation, and graphic design. One of the most interesting things I did at UCPRUK was learning about how wheelchairs are serviced and customized to fit each user’s specific needs. Each user requires a wheelchair specific to their disability, and UCPRUK has 4 main types of wheelchairs, for all different kinds of lifestyles. I helped assembled these chairs, fit them with users, and helped coordinate new service centers in Central Java. I was able to learn a lot through working with a non-profit, both about the work that UCPRUK does with the disabled community in Yogyakarta, and about the Indonesian language and culture.

Oscar Platt

oscar platt

Miklos Sandor – A Student from ACICIS Program

My name is Miki, I am a Master of International Development student from the University of the Sunshine Coast. I completed my internship with UCPRUK in Jogjakarta. UCPRUK is a non-profit organization focusing on disability advocacy and providing appropriate mobility service to people with disability in Indonesia. During my internship, I experienced devoted workmanship at UCPRUK, reaching out to people with disability, providing amazing services with mobility devices. Inclusive and welcoming atmosphere was always assuring their client-centered attitude. UCPRUK’ communication with stakeholders, families, caregivers and authorities, showed respects, inclusiveness and competence. UCPRUK’ team always used a simple and easily understandable language to achieve the best possible outcome for their service users. I was privileged to spend four weeks with UCPRUK. I would like to use this opportunity to thank UCPRUK again and again for their shared knowledge and to introduce me the “We will succeed attitude” Thank you and love you all …