More than 2.4 million Indonesians need a wheelchair. See how we’re addressing that need. Different needs, different wheelchairs. See our product line. When it comes to wheelchairs, size and fit matter. Read more. People with disabilities deserve to be treated with dignity. Get involved. Adaptive sports activities are a gateway to community involvement. See how. We work with trusted partners to make a measurable impact. Read more. You can make a difference in the life of a child. Donate a wheelchair today.

Give someone the freedom of mobility by donating a wheelchair today!

There are

2.4 million Indonesians

who need wheelchairs. 1.

In Indonesia,

4 out of 5 children

with disabilities
do not attend school2.

Indonesia loses

$21.2 - $49.5 billion

every year by
excluding people with
disabilities from jobs3.

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  1. Based on World Health Organization estimates that 10% of the population has a disability, and 10% of the disabled population needs wheelchairs.
  2. WHO, 2011.
  3. Based on a 2010 ILO report and Indonesia’s 2011 GDP of $706.56 billion.